Christine Moulen First-Time Attendee Grant

Honoring a valued, expert advocate for the user community

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Applications open for 2020!

Ex Libris honors the memory and years of community contributions of the late Christine Moulen by establishing an annual conference scholarship in her name. Christine was an expert advocate for the user community and an ELUNA and IGeLU contributor. She received the Azriel Morag Award for Innovation from Ex Libris in 2016 due to her contributions to the Aleph community.


    Grant Description

    These scholarships are intended to honor Christine’s collaborative
    spirit by offering first time attendees an opportunity to experience
    the Ex Libris community of practitioners and find opportunities
    for collaboration, networking and education to a new generation
    of dedicated and collaborative library systems staff.

    3 grants for ELUNA and 3 grants for IGeLU will be awarded.

    Grants will be distributed on an annual basis to first-time attendees.

    ​Grants Include:

    • Conference fee
    • Up to $1,000 in travel expenses

    How to apply

    Submit an essay of no more than 250 words that answers the question:

    How will attending the ELUNA or IGELU 2020 conference contribute to my professional development?

    Entries will be evaluated jointly by Ex Libris and the ELUNA & IGeLU Steering Committees.

    Deadline for Grant Applications

    ELUNA: MARCH 10, 2020

    IGeLU:  APRIL 14, 2020


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