Resource Sharing Can be Fast and Cost-effective

Libraries require fast and cost-effective interlibrary loan services to meet today’s user needs. Learn more about how you can redefine resource sharing by attending our
webinar Wednesday 14, July 2021

Enhance collaboration and reduce library costs

Resource sharing over the past year highlights how libraries can come together to help one another and their patrons. No library has the ability or budget to own everything, but since the 1960’s resource sharing has been key to overcoming this limitation. The digital age has greatly increased its importance, with patrons and academic staff able to identify useful local, national and international resources more easily than ever before.

Join our webinar on Wednesday 14, July 2021 at 10.00am Cape Town time with Amanda Foster, Content Delivery and Copyright Librarian and Lee Blyth, Discovery & Access Librarian Northumbria University Library and Alan Oliver, Business Development Director, Ex Libris and learn how you can provide fast and cost-effective interlibrary loan services to meet today’s user needs

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 Our Speakers

Amanda Foster Content Delivery and Copyright Librarian, Northumbria University Library
Lee Blyth Discovery & Access Librarian, Northumbria University Library
Alan Oliver Business Development Director, EMEA Ex Libris

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