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Alma Community Employees Esploro Higher Education Leganto Summon

octubre 13, 2022

When UX design meets the library


enero 11, 2022

Significant Enhancements Made Available to Summon Customers

Primo Summon

diciembre 14, 2021

Introducing Quicklinks – It’s all about convenience

Alma and Summon at Johnson County Community College
Alma Community Summon

julio 20, 2020

Customer Spotlight: Alma & Summon at Johnson County Community College

Customer Spotlight Summon and Alma at Marist College
Alma Librarianship Summon

diciembre 11, 2018

Customer Spotlight: Summon and Alma at Marist College

Alma Summon Training

noviembre 13, 2017

Education: Summon over Alma Training

Community Research Summon Teaching and Learning

julio 13, 2017

Summon: Impacting Scholarly Research and Student Learning at the University of Central Missouri

Alma Community Leganto Primo Summon

junio 19, 2017

Ex Libris at ALA in Chicago – Librarianship at Work

Alma Analytics Primo Summon

abril 20, 2017

Uncover More: Using Analytics to Improve Library Resource Management & Discovery

Community Librarianship Library Discovery Summon

abril 6, 2017

The Power of Collaboration: The Summon Community in Action

Library Discovery Research Summon Teaching and Learning

marzo 23, 2017

Continuous Product Innovation: The Summon Product Roadmap

Librarianship Library Discovery Primo Research Summon

noviembre 7, 2016

The Relevance of Librarians to Research Discovery

bX Library Discovery Primo Summon

septiembre 22, 2016

Library Exploration through Serendipitous Discovery

Alma Community Developer Network Leganto Librarianship Library Discovery Primo Summon Teaching and Learning

agosto 18, 2016

Learning from our Customers: Lessons from the Library