and Integration

Universities are complex places, with numerous departments providing services to a variety of users across multiple campuses and even across countries. EDUCAUSE has identified digital integration as one of the top 10 issues facing higher education, or in its words, the challenge of “ensuring system interoperability, scalability, extensibility as well as data integrity… across multiple applications and platforms.” Integrated services have obvious advantages. They allow these complex institutions to provide users with a holistic view of services, ensure that strategy is aligned across departments, and enable better use of resources.

The challenge of consolidating systems

Email, learning management systems, timetables, PC availability, library accounts, finance systems–-throughout their time at university, students must access a considerable number of systems, each with its own dedicated look-and-feel and user experience. Navigating through this maze of services can be difficult, especially if there are different identity-management protocols in place. Students and other users can easily get lost between systems, feel like they are “passed around,” and even lose confidence in the services if their experience is too disjointed. The challenge for IT departments is to consolidate access to these systems to make them simple and consistent for both users and administrators.


campusM brings systems together

With campusM, institutions can provide unified access to all of these vital student systems and allow users to move between them without the need to log in multiple times, as part of a consistent user experience. Users have a single point of access to all of the services they need, giving them an exceptional user experience across your institutional mobile app and desktop portal.

Integrations available in campusM include:

  • Banner
  • PeopleSoft
  • Colleague
  • Canvas
  • Moodle
  • Blackboard
  • D2L
  • Office 365
  • and many more!


Dynamic, personal and flexible

With campusM Live Tiles your users can see dynamic, active information about core systems such as upcoming classes, library loan updates, and local public transport feeds. Homepage personalization allows your users to prioritize the systems they use every day, making your app their go-to location for any college-related information. The campusM App Extension Kit (AEK) gives you the flexibility to deploy new screens quickly and easily as user requirements change.