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360 Management


The Ex Libris suite of 360 management services helps you effectively administer the entire lifecycle of your licensed content and analyze its usage. From trial to assessment, our integrated services streamline workflows using professionally curated data. Centralized reporting promotes evidence-based decision-making, allowing you to demonstrate the library’s value. Used individually or collectively, our 360 services provide you with the opportunity to optimize the tracking and management of your e-resources.
360 Core Full

360 Core

Leverage a foundational set of management and assessment tools to improve workflows and reduce workloads. This option helps automate and centralize e-resource management, while providing tools for collection control and integrated access to e-resources. Instead of wrangling data and duplicating processes, you can make informed decisions, reduce costs, and quickly make licensed content available in your discovery tools.

360 MARC Updates

Streamline your workload and provide patrons with the ability to effectively find the e-resources managed in 360 Core, in your external catalog. With fully cataloged MARC records tailored to your specifications, this service ensures that you maximize your external catalog as a single discovery resource. Automated monthly updates ensure accuracy and currency.

360 Resource Manager Full

360 Resource Manager

Reduce the time and effort required to manage the e-resource lifecycle. This ERM helps you control complex subscription management issues, from tracking license terms of use to managing renewal dates, while helping to improve communications, streamline workflows, and make more informed decisions. Integrated with an authoritative knowledge base, this solution is used by both individual libraries and consortia.

360 Counter Full

360 Counter

Utilize an efficient tool to simplify e-resource usage assessment and address the challenges related to all aspects of gathering, managing, and reporting on usage statistics. You can reduce the time it takes to process and analyze COUNTER usage data, associate resource costs with titles, calculate cost-per-use, generate customized reports, and perform cost and usage analysis.

360 Counter Full