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By bringing Linked Open Data into the library, you are joining the expedition of our innovative metadata community for global discoverability! Search and discovery using Linked Open Data are greatly enriched, more reliable and bring together extensive resources into a single interface. Ex Libris is leading the way to Linked Open Data integration, interoperability and connecting enriched library records across applications on a cloud-based platform.
Restoring the joy of serendipity 

Create a world of serendipitous discovery in the broadest sense; whether searching for specific content that is now easier to find, or browsing through library resources in an exploration of relevant content, Linked Open Data supports it all.  

With a seamless and intuitive interface powered by rich and diverse sources, users can enjoy the virtual experience of exploring the stacks and coming across valuable, unexpected information that deepens their research and expands their horizons.  

With Linked Open Data we can offer connectivity of all library resources, from the local catalog to CDI record, in all data formats, including connection with external sources, to create a web of connectivity between titles, people, subjects, places, and more. 

Collaborative cataloging

The collaborative cataloging innovative approach is revolutionizing libraries. By sharing cataloging tasks, metadata creation, and Bibliographic record management across different libraries and cultural institutions, we’re able to streamline the cataloging process and improve access to information and resources. This not only reduces duplication of effort but also enhances efficiency and resource sharing in the information management sector. 

Collaboratively cataloging improves content accuracy and makes it easier to create relationships between different resources, providing a more interconnected and comprehensive information network for our users. 

The time savings enables catalogers to focus on other expertise, such as special collections and unique materials. We’re thrilled to be part of this community that’s shaping the future of information access and management.  

Since 2011, Linked Data Working Group has been a key part of Ex Libris’ Linked Open Data expedition. This group, along with a customer focus group, collaborates with us to develop the Linked Open Data framework. Our community provides feedback, tracks features, and promotes Linked Data services through training and information exchange.

This is an expedition that we are undergoing with the community, for the community.
Meet your students where they are

With Linked Open Data, your library assets gain wider exposure and greater representation across your institution and externally. For example, showcasing your library content in other websites by promoting library resources via a visual carousel of records tailored to your specifications.  

Your catalog can also be discoverable in global search engines and external knowledge graphs that your patrons are using on a regular basis to find, research and learn.  

Global interoperability

Break down silos using Linked Open Data technology and networks to easily connect your library to other institutional systems AND to the web. This makes your library content more accessible, easier to query, to use in artificial intelligence algorithms, and to link with relevant resources published by others. 

Looking to the future  
The benefits of Linked Open Data are already extensive, and we are only just at the start of this expedition into discovering its full potential.

With infinite exploration and serendipitous recommendations based on Knowledge Graph capabilities, users will be able to access more content, faster, and more accurately. And that is only the beginning of this expedition into the possibilities of Linked Open Data at Ex Libris.

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