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Integrated and
customizable data-rich
decision support

Alma Analytics transforms a broad range of library data into actionable reports and identifiable trends, for data-driven decision-making. Usage, cost-per-use, overlap analysis and collaborative benchmark analytics are just a few elements of Alma’s comprehensive business intelligence tool.

Benchmark Analytics

Benchmark analytics of library-specific KPIs identify which of your workflows are most efficient and which need to be streamlined.


Usage Data

Comprehensive data from both COUNTER reports and Alma Link resolver present collection management staff a clear and coherent picture of which library resources are used most.



Full Integration

Alma Analytics is an integrated, and integral, component of the Alma solution.  Analytics reports, widgets and dashboards are fully accessible from within Alma, with no need for external applications or additional tools.



Overlap Analysis

Out-of-the-box reports provide overlap analysis identifying electronic versions of physical items in the library collection, allowing you to save space and money by archiving duplicate items.