Press Releases

June 9, 2021

Ex Libris Esploro is Set to Deliver a Complete Picture of Research Projects and Activities

June 2, 2021

Smart Harvesting AI is Now Available for All Ex Libris Esploro Customers

The new Esploro technology enables institutions to automatically capture research output and data in order to showcase their researchers’ work fully and accurately

May 26, 2021

University of Aberdeen Reaps Benefits of Ex Libris Alma Library Services and Leganto Reading Lists

With the integrated, cloud-based systems from Ex Libris, the university library is now enjoying greater efficiency and lower costs

May 17, 2021

Clarivate to Acquire ProQuest, Creating a Leading Global Provider of Mission Critical Information and Data-Driven Solutions for Science and Research

May 12, 2021

Industry Report Reveals Opportunity for Libraries to Enhance Partnership with Faculty around Course Materials

An Ex Libris-commissioned report uncovers trends and challenges arising from the shift to online learning

May 10, 2021

More than Two Million Alma Analytics Reports Were Run in March 2021

With robust analytics provided by the Ex Libris Alma platform, libraries obtain vital information for making evidence-based decisions

May 4, 2021

Ex Libris Cloud Apps Reach Two Thousand Activations

Hundreds of libraries are using innovative applications that were created by the Ex Libris user community and run on the Ex Libris higher-ed cloud platform

May 3, 2021

Four Prominent Italian Universities Implement Ex Libris RapidILL Interlibrary Loan Services to Improve Document Delivery

The four institutions of higher education now benefit from fast, efficient fulfillment of article and book chapter scans as well as from participation in a large, global resource-sharing community