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Let's Build a Cloud App
Cloud Apps, created by members of the Ex Libris user and partnering community, are available in the searchable App Center in the Ex Libris Developer Network. You can also easily search, activate and launch Cloud Apps directly from within products such as Alma, Primo VE, Esploro, Leganto and Rapido. Just click the Cloud Apps icon, select the app you want, and click install. It’s that easy. Cloud Apps will even lend a hand. Real-time context-sensitive recommendations and automated configurations optimize every user interaction. And since Cloud Apps run in the Ex Libris cloud platform, they are always up-to-date and ready to roll.

Easy to use. Easy to develop. The only limit is your imagination.

The Cloud Apps open framework is the next evolution in customizability, interoperability and standards support. Join Ex Libris, our partners and the community of your colleagues in developing and sharing innovations that turbocharge your Ex Libris solutions – with additional functionality, streamlined workflows or seamless integrations. The power is in your hands.


Expanding functionality

Cloud Apps allow you to enhance and customize your library solution’s capabilities with unprecedented ease. Applications you build or activate can extend off-the-shelf functionality, introduce new features, or reshape system workflows. This empowers institutions of all sizes to better meet the essential and dynamic operational needs of the library, even in the face of budget constraints and changing user expectations.



Improving productivity

Customized Cloud Apps focused on enhancing functionality can also significantly improve your operational efficiency. An app might include workflow shortcuts, automations, configurations or extensions that are institution-specific and save time for the library staff. Cloud Apps gives you the tools to create or tweak such productivity enhancements, while adhering to your institutional governance policy.


Extending integration

Cloud Apps can be tailor-built to integrate external systems or unique data sources with your Ex Libris solutions. Open standards, REST APIs and out-of-the-box configurability make it easy to design apps to exchange data, link workflows, and automate processes across systems, creating a more seamless library management experience.



Building a Cloud App: open, agile, and adaptable

Develop your own fully integrated applications for almost any library-centered purpose using the Cloud Apps command-line interface (CLI). Building on Ex Libris’ large API set and the open, agile and adaptable cloud-based Higher Ed Platform, you can deliver innovative apps most suited to your local institutional ecosystem without the need to manage the runtime environment.

Collaborate with colleagues and get guidance on developing Cloud Apps on the Ex Libris Developer Network, including “getting started” guides, documentation and tutorials. The code of previously released Cloud Apps is available for review in open-source repositories on Github. Leverage these resources and capabilities to create your own innovations, which will increase the value of the library and help meet your institution’s objectives.