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Rapido transforms the resource sharing experience, allowing users to control their own requests; they can choose whether to receive the material online or physically and track delivery status as their order is processed. Thanks to the Rapido shared index, users now see all the options available to get the resources they need in their search and can skip filling out long forms as Rapido automatically processes requests at the click of a button - it's as easy as discover it, request it, get it

Resource Sharing at the click of a button

Discover it – Thanks to Rapido’s seamless integration within the user’s Discovery, students and researchers can easily find resources even beyond the library’s collection.

Request it – After finding their resource, users can order a physical or digital copy at the click of a button. No need to fill in any metadata – Rapido takes care of all that automatically.

Get it – Users can decide how they wish to receive their resource based on estimated delivery time and loan duration. After ordering they can track the progress of their delivery until arrival.

Bringing libraries into the 21st century

User friendly interface – Rapido gives users the same experience when making a resource sharing request as they would have in any other digital marketplace. It’s simple, fast, and efficient.

Fast turnaround – With built in automation, resources now arrive faster than ever before with less work for the borrowing library. Rapido provides accurate lender selection and advanced mediation options to guarantee delivery as fast as possible.


Put decisions in users’ hands

Custom delivery options – Got an exam in 3 days and the physical book won’t arrive until next week? Now, users have this information before ordering so they can choose to wait for the book or request an e-chapter to arrive in under a day.

Empowering the user – Libraries can easily configure Rapido to allow students and researchers to submit requests that will automatically be directed to the right lending library at the click of a button – no staff mediation is required.