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September 06, 2023

Ex Libris, integrated library system Part of Clarivate, is pleased to announce the continuing evolution of its Alma library resource management solution to better address current and future library resource management needs. Alma, a unified platform being successfully used by more than 2500 libraries worldwide, can now be adapted by libraries so they can leverage its suite of electronic resource management services to work alongside their integrated library system (ILS).

The ability for libraries to use Alma, library management system as a flexible solution to increase productivity, surpass user expectations and exceed institutional goals aligns with the core principles of its launch just over a decade ago. Today, it’s proven to support the entire range of library operations for all library materials, regardless of their format. The new tailored Alma option, Alma Starter, will further the Alma vision of being responsive to global and individual library demand.


Alma Starter is a derivative of the Alma library services platform and features a suite of tools that will help libraries modernize their e-resource management approach. Alma Starter, available to libraries today, delivers core functionality to make e-resource management more efficient, maximize staff resources, and improve the patron experience. There are also optional extensions available to optimize library effectiveness.


Libraries using Alma Starter will benefit from the continued development of new, innovative services and extensive support. The large, vibrant Alma customer community is active and participates in the product enhancement process, shares innovations through Alma’s open technology framework, collaborates with Ex Libris across joint strategic initiatives, and helps one another. Ex Libris provides rapid development capabilities and releases new functionality in Alma quarterly releases, while supporting it with expert and comprehensive customer care that libraries expect today.


Learn more about how Alma can work for you and join a strong, diverse and innovative Alma community. Improve your library today and prepare it for the future, by visiting or contacting us.


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