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June 27, 2024

Ex Libris ™, part of Clarivate, is proud to unveil its redesigned webpage for Summon discovery services, marking a significant milestone in our long-term brand migration strategy and unwavering dedication to our Think forward™ ethos.


Designed in the Clarivate signature color palette, the webpage embodies our ongoing commitment to deliver a seamless and inclusive user experience. This visual transformation reinforces our unified global identity as part of the Clarivate master brand.


The Summon discovery solution enables your patrons to uncover a wealth of academic content through a simple, user-friendly interface. Carefully designed to meet both patrons’ and librarians’ needs, Summon improves the discovery of your library’s collection and institutional resources.

Libraries can leverage robust capabilities through an out-of-the-box interface or an API and benefit from flexible customization options and easy-to-use administration tools.


Ex Libris joined Clarivate in December of 2021 when Clarivate acquired ProQuest.


Visit the newly designed Summon webpage.


Learn more about how Ex Libris integrated library system is transforming the library experience.

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