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November 27, 2023

Library app- campusM library

The campusM Student Attendance solution, which empowers students to check into class from their mobile device, has passed 24.5 million check-ins globally since 2019.


From 2019 onwards, Attendance check-ins have grown by 50% annually on average, with the current count of attendance sessions captured holding at 24,748,256 as of November 2023. 


Attendance data is used by universities for different purposes, including reporting for overseas visa requirements and mandatory-attendance classes, to determine macro attendance trends and to support student wellbeing. 


“[Prior to our use of campusM Attendance] it took a long time to notice a student disengaging from their studies and after weeks or months have gone, that’s a bit late,” says Gary Brewerton, Middleware Systems Manager at Loughborough University. “Whereas the immediacy of the data with campusM means that days afterwards we can see someone may be disengaging and that means we can get early intervention going right away.” 


For more information on campusM Attendance, click here. 


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