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June 14, 2023

In a recent discussion with Tim Bowen, Sr. Director, of Information & Content Solutions at Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), we explored the evolution of our long-standing partnership and the introduction of the new Get It Now Add-on available for Rapido users. Rapido is an integrated resource-sharing solution that lets your users borrow titles with a few clicks only, without leaving the library’s interface. Rapido members can now access CCC’s article delivery service and obtain full-text articles from unsubscribed journals directly in their Rapido workflow. Read this interview to learn more about CCC and the benefits of the Get It Now Add-on. 

  • Most academic librarians are familiar with CCC, but please tell us how it has evolved over the years.  

CCC: We are certainly not “your grandfather’s CCC” and have come a long way from just offering copyright permissions. While we still have a robust and growing portfolio of innovative copyright licensing solutions for businesses and academia, we also offer document delivery services, reprints/ePrints, content discovery, data analytics, software and professional services, and of course copyright education. In addition, we have completely revamped our internal infrastructure with next-generation systems and security.  


  • Can you tell us about your Get It Now article delivery service? 

CCC: Get It Now was developed in conjunction with the California State University System, State University of New York (SUNY) IDS Project, and Elsevier to complement academic libraries’ resource sharing services by providing patrons with the immediate fulfillment of full-text articles from unsubscribed journals — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Today, we have over 19,000 journals and tens of millions of articles in the service and it’s used by over 550 colleges and universities around the world to greatly expand their virtual collection.   

  • Why did you expand your partnership with Ex Libris?   

CCC: Unlike standalone document delivery services, Get It Now is tightly integrated in resource sharing platforms and borrowing workflows. While the unmediated version of Get It Now has been integrated with SFX and Alma for years, both Ex Libris and CCC felt that an integration of the mediated version of Get It Now with Rapido’s automated borrowing and lending processes would provide academic libraries with a powerful solution, ensuring no patron request goes unfilled.          

  • Tell us about the integration of Get It Now and Rapido   

CCC: The integration of Get It Now and Rapido is achieved through a free Add-on in the Cloud App Center that allows library staff to purchase articles from CCC in just two clicks without ever leaving the Rapido workflow. For each record in the Rapido task list, article availability is presented in the Get It Now Add-on. If the article is available for purchase via Get It Now, the price is displayed to the library staff member. If the staff member decides to purchase the article from Get It Now, an email containing a link to the requested article is sent to them for forwarding to the patron where it is available for 120 days for viewing or downloading. Initial adoption of the Get It Now Add-on has been strong, and we are pleased with its popularity.  

  • Are there any incentives if I adopt the Get It Now Add-on in Rapido?  

CCC: Yes, we will reduce the one-time Get It Now set-up fee by $500 for any Rapido users that adopt Get It Now by June 30. 

Fulfill more requests, faster, with the Get It Now Add-on installed on your Rapido instance. Read the brochure to learn how to take advantage of the Add-on today. 

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