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June 29, 2023

Ex Libris, part of Clarivate, welcomes Charles Sturt University in Australia into the Rapido community for library resource sharing. By adopting Rapido, the University, which has multiple campuses across New South Wales and Victoria, will maximize patron exposure to external collections by making resource sharing as intuitive as possible. 

Charles Sturt University, the 100th institution to go live with Rapido, has selected Ex Libris’ new library resource-sharing solution as part of its commitment to continuously improving the library user experience. Rapido facilitates patron access to external libraries by removing the need to fill interlibrary loans forms. Patrons borrow books and articles in only a few clicks from the library’s interface. The Charles Sturt University Library Rapido Project Team explains: 


“It’s early days but we are already seeing massive benefits of Rapido implementation at Charles Sturt University. Our main objective in getting Rapido was to make Interlibrary Loans an outstanding experience for students and staff.”  


In only a few weeks, the University has already observed quantifiable improvements to its resource sharing workflows and turnaround times: 


“We have seen a complex and cumbersome process that is mediated by staff turned into a more automated and simplified workflow. We are stoked with the turnaround times and 24/7 availability of obtaining resources for our users without Library’s intervention.” 


If, like Charles Sturt University, you are looking to make borrowing as natural as accessing the library’s internal collection, check out Rapido. Read more. 

About Rapido: 

Rapido by Ex Libris is a resource sharing solution that naturally extends the library’s collection with the shared collection. Give your patrons independent access to millions of resources in two clicks. The integrated automation technology connects you to libraries worldwide and manages the interlibrary-loan requests for you. 

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