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July 27, 2023

Ex Libris, part of Clarivate, is excited to announce that the Lithuanian Academic Electronic Library Consortium (eLABa) has selected Ex Libris Alma and Primo to implement at their dozens of libraries nationwide.

After years of partnership with Ex Libris, the eLABa consortium has chosen to transition from their Ex Libris Aleph and SFX products to the unified Alma library services platform. With over 40 libraries situated across Lithuania, the implementation of Alma will empower the libraries to operate with a shared catalog and enjoy the benefits of centralized content and configuration management, while still respecting the individuality and needs of each independent institution. 


Alma, library management system, a cloud-based library services platform, is built and continues to be developed to address both individual institutions and large consortia and networks operating with complex and unique needs and requirements.  

eLABa consortium has chosen to extend their use of Primolibrary discovery service, their existing discovery interface, to maintain their patron-facing services, ensuring students and users continue to enjoy a seamless search and browse experience. With Primo’s intuitive search interface and relevance ranking algorithms, eLABa can ensure that users can quickly find the materials they need, regardless of format or location.  


To learn more about how these solutions can enhance efficiency and maximize the visibility of your library collection while supporting your librarians, visit ex libris, integrated library system or contact us today. 

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