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March 27, 2023

Leganto, the Ex Libris-course resource list management solution, supports the library becoming a stronger partner in the teaching and learning space.

Wouldn’t it be great if students could access all their course materials, resources available from the library, and any other resources of any type through the course page in their learning management system? Now they can, with Leganto.

Leganto enables faculty members and library staff to collect physical, electronic, and digital resources from across the university, library, and web in one resource list.

If you’ve been wondering how to bridge the gap between systems for your students and faculty, we have a new Leganto video for you, in Spanish and English, to share with your colleagues.

In only 2 minutes, you can learn how to increase usage of library resources in academic courses, reduce students’ course costs, streamline your library processing workflows, and gain actionable insights into course activities to enhance library services and impact.

Leganto works with the Alma library services platform (LSP) and as well as with library discovery services, mobile apps, citation tools, and other campus systems.


Watch in Spanish: Leganto- Listas de recursosdel curso más fáciles – YouTube

Watch in English:

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