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June 19, 2024

Ex Libris™, part of Clarivate, is proud to announce that we have started the beta program for AI powered research assistants, the Primo Research Assistant and Summon Research Assistant.


As part of the ongoing collaboration with our community, we have been working with our user community to develop a generative AI powered research assistant and library discovery solution to better engage patrons and empower them to intuitively search, explore and take maximum advantage of trusted library materials. Based on a RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) architecture and grounded in the extensive Ex Libris Central Discovery Index, Primo Research Assistant and Summon Research Assistant provide a starting point to users for their research, including source referencing and appropriate attribution for the authors.


The AI powered research assistant beta program encompasses 18 institutions across 10 different countries, consisting of those using Primo and Summon discovery services. The group of beta testers include representatives from various cultural and language backgrounds and reflects the diversity of our global user community.


AI powered research assistants: Primo Research Assistant and Summon Research Assistant functionalities include:

  • Semantic search / Natural language queries
  • Answers with references, based on the top 5 abstracts
  • Answers based on results found in the Central Discovery Index (CDI).
  • Links to the full text
  • Links to the full result list in Primo
  • Search suggestions to help the user expand the topic and learn more about it
  • Non-English search and answer support


In the fourth quarter of 2024, we will formally launch our AI powered research assistants, the Primo Research Assistant followed by Summon Research Assistant in Q1 2025; stay tuned for further updates.


Our commitment to continuous development ensures that we remain at the forefront of discovery solutions for libraries, addressing the real-world needs and requirements of students and researchers of today – and into the future. The Clarivate Academic AI platform serves as a technology backbone for Primo Research Assistant and Summon Research Assistant, providing a secure, scalable and unified approach to how AI capabilities are deployed at Clarivate. At Clarivate, we are committed to the responsible application of generative AI, read more about it here.


Read the new blog about the Primo Research Assistant.


Learn more about Primo as our library discovery service within the Ex Libris integrated library system.

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