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June 18, 2023

Ex Libris took an innovative step several years ago by introducing a dynamic platform called Idea Exchange. This forum empowers users to share their ideas and to contribute to the development of Ex Libris’ diverse range of products. At Ex Libris, we hold openness and transparency in high regard, and we strive to uphold these principles across all aspects of our operations. 

The Idea Exchange website serves as an inclusive space where anyone can submit and review ideas. Supporting an idea is as simple as clicking the “Vote” button adjacent to the idea’s title and description. The total number of votes an idea accumulates is prominently displayed just above the Vote button.


Curious about how this process works? Users can post their ideas, which are then visible to the entire community. Users can actively participate in shaping the future of Ex Libris’ products by voting for ideas they resonate with. To ensure fairness and balance, each user is assigned 25 points, which can be utilized for both submitting ideas and voting on ideas submitted by others. 

Crucially, if an idea a user submits gets implemented, closed, or already exists in the product, the points initially used for that idea are returned to the user. This system empowers users to continually contribute by using those points to submit fresh ideas. 

Idea Exchange has a range of main statuses for posted ideas, including: 

  • Under Review: Once an idea garners a certain number of points, Ex Libris undertakes a comprehensive review of the idea, resulting in its status being updated to “Under Review.” 
  • Planned: Ideas that have already been incorporated into the product roadmap or have been added based on strong support from the user community fall under this status. 
  • Completed: When a Planned idea is successfully integrated into a release, it is marked as “Completed,” highlighting the progress made. 

Since Idea Exchange’s inception, more than 500 ideas have been seamlessly incorporated into our flagship product, Alma. Currently, 63 ideas have the coveted “Planned” status. In a recent Idea Exchange update, we highlighted 9 Idea Exchange items that were successfully implemented in the May 2023 release of Alma. Additionally, we unveiled 3 new items with the “Planned” status and 3 items currently “Under Review.” 

At Ex Libris, we eagerly welcome ideas from all users of our solutions. We deeply value these suggestions as they serve as invaluable insights into their needs and priorities. We strongly encourage active collaboration between Ex Libris and our user community, knowing that such collaboration will yield benefits for everyone involved. 

Join us in shaping the future of Ex Libris’ products. Share your ideas on the Idea Exchange platform, vote for those that resonate with you, and let us create innovative solutions together. 


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