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July 31, 2023

The journey towards the New User Experience for Purchase Order Lines Management has been one of collaboration, learning, and innovation. We thank the customer UX focus group and our customers who partnered with us every step of the way, providing us with invaluable insights and feedback. Together, we have crafted an interface that meets our users’ needs, empowering them to manage PO Lines with ease and efficiency. 

In an era where efficiency and ease-of-use are paramount, continuous improvements to user interfaces have become a key focus for software developers.

In 2021, Ex Libris, integrated library system embarked on a journey to create a more efficient and streamlined interface for Purchase Order Lines Management.  

To ensure we were heading in the right direction, we conducted two in-depth user studies at the outset of the project. These studies allowed us to understand the challenges our users faced and identify areas that needed improvement. By actively involving our customers in the design process, we gained invaluable insights and perspectives. 

With the insights from the user studies, we initiated collaboration with 130 institutions as early adopters. This decision allowed them to test the new design in real-world scenarios and for us to gather a wide array of feedback from diverse users. Since August 2022, over 80 institutions have been using the new interface in their daily operations, with more than 350 users embracing the change. 

The feedback we received directly from users working with the new interface in Alma, library management system was invaluable. Our dedicated Basecamp channel became a vibrant hub of collaboration, hosting over 30 conversations and 140 comments. This active engagement from our customers fuelled the iterative design process and helped us fine-tune the interface based on real-life usage. 

Before fully implementing the new design for all users, the team conducted a comprehensive survey to gather the final insights and feedback from the early adopters. The response to the survey was positive, with users expressing satisfaction with the changes and improvements. The development team’s commitment to incorporating user feedback at every step of the process was met with appreciation, and the new interface received the early adopters’ blessing.

Our redesigned interface now offers a more intuitive and efficient experience for managing PO (Purchase Order) lines. At a glance, users can access a wealth of information, allowing them to make better-informed decisions. Additionally, the introduction of new search and facet options simplifies the process of locating PO lines with specific characteristics, saving time and effort. See here to learn more about these enhancements and advantages. 

The release of the New User Experience for Purchase Order Lines Management marks a significant milestone in the journey of continuous improvement to the user interface. By actively involving users, listening to their needs, and incorporating their feedback, we are introducing an interface that enhances productivity and user satisfaction. 

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