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May 22, 2024

Linked Open Data is a foundational component for libraries worldwide. Ex Libris™, part of Clarivate™, is excited to announce major implementations ushering our solutions and our community towards this future.  


Starting in May 2024, Primo™ users will unlock a world of enriched information through Linked Open Data integration, enabling patrons to effortlessly delve deeper into the lives, works and legacies of notable figures across disciplines. From seamlessly exploring person entities with intuitive autocomplete during searches, to revealing “info cards” on the full record pages and exploring extensive “person pages” that aggregate authoritative details from trusted external sources and the library catalogue.


In parallel, Alma™ now supports the use of BIBFRAME records throughout the system. From acquisition to resource management, fulfillment and all the way through to your Discovery system. This is in addition to supporting the enrichment of existing MARC records with URIs in a simple and configurable way. BIBFRAME support is the first step of our joint community vision for Linked Open Data in libraries and supporting multiple Linked Open Data metadata formats.  


These practical implementations in our solutions align with the Ex Libris Linked Open Data pillars: better discoverability, collaborative cataloging and global interoperability, supported by community engagement and advanced technology.  


Read more about the Primo Person Entities here, and about Alma BIBFRAME support here 


Learn more about the Ex Libris Linked Open Data vision in our recently published whitepaper here 

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