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January 09, 2024


Ex Libris, part of Clarivate, is happy to share that as part of our dedication to openness and transparency, we have created a new section in the Customer Knowledge Center that is dedicated to the materials relating to Ex Libris Content, from knowledge articles to release notes and more.  





The new Content section will aggregate all of the existing relevant articles dispersed throughout the Knowledge Center (under the product-specific Content Corners) into a single, intuitive location, as well as include new materials that we have created especially for those interested in learning more about our operations.





Under the Content section you can find the following:


New and Upcoming Collections:  

  • Release notes by product.  
  • Roadmap plans.  
  • Annual collections tracking.  

Webinars, Idea Exchange, and Newsletters:  

  • List of webinars and recordings.  
  • Idea Exchange status updates.  
  • Archive of monthly newsletters.  

Content Providers:  

  • Introduction materials for content providers.  
  • Provider testimonials.  

NEW! Content Statistics:  

  • Overview of statistics for CDI, CZ and more.  

Knowledge Articles:  

  • Aggregation of knowledge articles, by product.  


Note that all the existing Content Corner sections will redirect to the new Content section. All permalinks to existing articles will be redirected to the new article location under the dedicated Content section.  


Visit our new Content section on the Knowledge Center today!  



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