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Higher-Ed Cloud Solutions for Library Management System and Organisational Goals


November 04, 2019 | 2 min read |

In this customer spotlight, John Greer, Head of Technology and Systems Services at the University of Montana, discusses how Ex Libris services help the university achieve its organizational goals and the benefits of their interoperability.



The University of Montana takes advantage of several Ex Libris higher-ed cloud solutions. As Greer points out, the university is able to use Alma  as a central service platform to leverage staff expertise and facilitate managing multiple project areas within a single, familiar interface. The library uses Primo as a library discovery service, plays a role in the university’s mobile approach through the campusM library mobile app, and is an early adopter of the Esploro research services solution.


Beyond focusing on the value of Alma as a critical library management system and its ability to seamlessly connect with their other Ex Libris services, the University of Montana uses Ex Libris higher-ed solutions to increase the library’s role across the institution. The library has become part of the virtual campus space through the Primo search tile in the campusM app, delivering more exposure and streamlining students’ search experience. The library has also advanced in the area of supporting institutional research by working with the research service office through the Esploro service.


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