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The Tor Vergata University of Rome Joins the Italian Alma Early Adopter programme


March 19, 2014 | 2 min read |

Alma will provide the Library with the opportunity for a thorough revision and reorganization of their processes and a chance for them to collaborate with other institutions that also wish to embark on this transformative project.

Having committed to become early adopters earlier this year, Tor Vergata will work with Ex Libris on the localization of the Alma library management service for the Italian market.

I spoke with Ms Maria Teresa De Gregori, Alma project coordinator at the Tor Vergata University of Rome, who stressed the need for research and innovation in order to achieve economic growth and compete on a global level. In this context Maria sees the role of universities as crucial as information plays a key role in research and learning. “Information needs to be up to date, comprehensive and available quickly, characteristics that only digital resources are able to fully satisfy. It is therefore necessary to provide adequate tools to manage these resources efficiently and make them available through flexible search engines which are able to integrate different resource types. At the same time the search results must be presented in an efficient way, offering a number of additional elements for the assessment of information retrieval and ways to obtain the resource quickly. Librarians should control this process, working closely with academic institutions to share and implement strategic decisions,” explained Maria Teresa De Gregori.

 “With all of this in mind Tor Vergata has chosen Alma for the management of information resources and Primo for discovery and delivery. Together, these solutions will allow us to reorganize our internal processes and services and, thanks to the fact that they are cloud solutions, free up staff to focus on other critical areas such as the management of research output, data archiving, digitization projects, and the development and management of e-publishing platforms,” continued Ms De Gregori,

For more information on this programme please contact us.