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September 11, 2023

Ex Libris, integrated library system is proud to announce the launch of campusM Library, an integrated library mobile app designed to bolster student engagement and facilitate streamlined access to institutional resources. This app empowers academic librarians to play a more central role in fostering student success. 


With campusM Library, academic institutions can actively engage students, showcase the full spectrum of library offerings, and contribute to broader institutional initiatives aimed at enhancing student outcomes.  

The app provides students with a personalized digital experience that allows for easy access to a wealth of institutional online resources. campusM Library seamlessly integrates with Alma library management system, Primo library discovery service, Leganto list management system, and the learning management system, thereby enriching the learning journey by offering students direct access to institutional services and course materials. 


This new platform supports independent student learning through features that allow students to check resources out through their phone and book study spaces. By curating institutional resources tailored to each user, campusM Library simplifies access to essential services, ultimately equipping students with the tools they need to thrive. 


Ex Libris is committed to empowering academic librarians. campusM Library joins the Ex Libris portfolio as the librarian’s mobile solution for championing student engagement and promoting the full library offering.  

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