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September 12, 2023

Ex Libris, part of Clarivate™, is pleased to announce participation in the IGeLU 2023 Conference in Leuven, Belgium.

The conference kicked off with opening remarks from Clarivate CEO Jonathan Gear who spoke about the impact of global issues such as COVID and the war in Ukraine on libraries around the world. These challenges, he noted, affect university budgets, student attrition, campus life and uncertainty with the emergence of generative AI.


“We’re here to talk about innovation,” Gear told the attendees. “The challenges I just mentioned can only be alleviated or solved through innovation, and only through the research community working together – libraries, funders, publishers and yes, companies like us too.”



Gear went on to discuss the radical shift in AI technology and its capability to generate new content. “This development is causing disruptive changes across all sectors, including libraries. Creation of falsified records, images, audio and even handwriting mean it can be hard to know what content to trust,” he said.


“We are in a unique position to leverage the benefits of generative AI in our services without compromising our core values of providing reliable and trusted content to our users,” he added.



This annual event runs September 11-14 and serves to advocate for the interests of Ex Libris product users and to strengthen the voice of customers. IGeLU now represents more than 500 member libraries from over 45 countries, across every continent worldwide.


Learn more about IGeLU, including the organization’s mission, how to join, upcoming events and products and initiatives.

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