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August 08, 2023


In a move to enhance student experience and support student success, four prominent educational institutions in the United States have successfully launched the campusM student engagement platform: Elgin Community College, Southwestern University, Texas A&M San Antonio University and Victor Valley Community College are now live with campusM.


The campusM platform, known for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive integration portfolio, aims to foster student success by making it easy for the right students to access the right resources at the right time. Through the personalized home screen, students can access their schedules, assignments, campus news, and events, all in one centralized location. Faculty and staff can utilize the platform to facilitate engagement through announcements, discussion forums, and direct messaging. 

By leveraging campusM to bridge information gaps and encourage students to make smarter decisions about how they use their time, these institutions can further enrich student life on campus and promote academic success.  

For more information about how the campusM mobile app and web portal can help your institution, click here. 

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