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August 13, 2023

In a move aimed at enhancing the learning journey for instructors and students, Leganto has launched a new user interface (UI) for its platform. This development marks a significant shift in optimizing the experience within the learning management system (LMS) environment.

With the latest UI overhaul, Leganto has strategically focused on catering to the unique expectations and requirements of instructors and students accessing Leganto from within their courses in the LMS.

Here’s what users can expect from the new Leganto UI:


A Tailored LMS-Centric Experience

Recognizing that instructors and students often engage with Leganto within the LMS, the new UI prioritizes a seamless transition. Instructors can now more easily initiate actions such as creating lists, adding items, and publishing to students within the context of a specific course.


Streamlined Workflows for Different Users

The new UI uses separate workflows that solve for the distinctive needs of instructors and students. Instructors can comprehensively review lists, arrange items in the correct order and sections, and seamlessly incorporate additional resources. Students are presented with a simplified interface that facilitates quick access to the required resources. This intentional distinction between user groups enhances the overall usability of the platform.


Intuitive Actions and Enhanced Visibility

One of the primary goals of the UI overhaul was to declutter and simplify the interactions for instructors. The main actions instructors can take – such as creating lists, adding items, and publishing – have been prominently positioned to enable instructors to perform these tasks with minimal guidance. Additionally, often overlooked actions like digitization requests and adding student notes have been given more visibility, empowering instructors to discover these features independently.


A Seamless Transition for Existing Users

The UI redesign is an easy switch for existing users. Users familiar with the previous version will find the transition smooth, as the new UI preserves the core functionalities in familiar locations. This approach minimizes the learning curve and encourages existing users to explore beyond basic functionality.


A Collaborative Approach

The new UI design and development was informed by direct collaboration with instructors and librarians. The Leganto product and development teams engaged in comprehensive research, collecting insights and feedback from educators, both currently using Leganto and not, to tailor the UI to their specific expectations and needs.

With this innovative UI redesign, Leganto underscores its commitment to creating a user experience that is both dynamic and user-friendly. This update reflects Leganto’s dedication to continuous improvement and its unwavering focus on optimizing the educational process through best-in-class reading list technology.


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