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3 Principles for Selecting a Digital Preservation Solution


November 29, 2018 | 1 min read |

Daniel Greenberg, Rosetta Product Manager, Ex Libris

In honor of World Digital Preservation Day, I would like to share a few thoughts about principles you should take into account when selecting a preservation system.

3 Principles for Selecting a Digital Preservation Solution

1. Interoperability – Every institution manages different types of data for various departments, from research data, through archival content, to creative image editing. The digital preservation system plays a specific role in this institutional ecosystem and, as in any other team effort, it has to integrate seamlessly with the other “players.” This is done by:

  • Supporting common protocols for harvesting, publishing and searching content, such as OAI-PMH and SRU.
  • Supporting ingest of content through multiple methods and structures; e.g., BagIt, METS, CSV, and XML.
  • Providing external APIs for as many modules as possible in the system. These must be comprehensive and well-documented.
  • Providing out-of-the-box integrations with different types of leading content management systems, such as for research and archival data.