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World Digital Preservation Day 2021: What We’ve Learned


November 04, 2021 | 2 min read |

Daniel Greenberg, Product Manager, Digital Solutions, Ex Libris

At Ex Libris, we are very pleased to be joining creators, curators, and consumers from around the world in celebrating World Digital Preservation Day on the 4th of November.

The theme this year is “Breaking Down Barriers,” highlighting how digital preservation supports expanding horizons for libraries and other institutions. The Digital Preservation Coalition has called for folks to share their stories about the impact and value of thoughtful preservation for all aspects of society.

For my blog on the World Digital Preservation Day page, I decided to draw on my experience as Product Manager with Ex Libris and take a look at unique digital asset management considerations and best practices among the world’s national libraries. Some of the issues you’ll read about are:

  • How national libraries – with a mandate to preserve their country’s cultural heritage essentially forever – manage preservation at scale.
  • The goal of sharing the nation’s cultural heritage with the general public, across borders and with various research institutions.
  • The challenge of keeping such a huge volume of data indexed and easily searchable.
  • The need for national libraries to cultivate relations in both the international community and domestically.

Click here for the full blog and gain insight into how members of our growing user community of national and state libraries preserve some of their most culturally important assets for future generations.