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Customer Spotlight: Improving Vanderbilt University List Management System with Leganto


June 11, 2020 | 1 min read |

Customer Spotlight: Leganto at Vanderbilt University

We’ve met with Margaret Ann Trotter, Reserves Coordinator at Vanderbilt University, to hear her perspectives about the role of the library in supporting teaching and learning. Margaret highlights how Leganto is helping the university library efficiently deliver course resources, support affordable learning, and manage copyright licensing.

Leganto’s ease-of-use allows the library to impact teaching and learning. Margaret notes “Faculty members that have used Leganto themselves — and some of them without any additional instruction besides what we’ve given them in a LibGuide — say ‘This is just the slickest software ever – it’s so easy to use,’ and they really thank us for having purchased it.”

Margaret also explains Leganto’s role in reducing the cost of course resources at Vanderbilt. “As with many things in life, affordability is important in terms of readings for our students. We want to be able to contain costs and Leganto, list management system allows us to do that by utilizing items that Vanderbilt already licenses and by paying the copyright fees for things that we need to do that for.”


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