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The Need for a Course Resource List Solution: A Lecturer’s Perspective


June 25, 2018 | 1 min read |

Course resource lists (or reading lists) are essential for academic success – for instructors, students, and librarians.

Over the next few weeks we’ll tune into the instructor point of view, and look at the challenges of working with resource lists, the potential they carry for more effective teaching & learning, and the importance of collaboration between instructors and librarians around course materials.

We will do this through the eyes of Dr. Siobhan MacAndrew, Psychology Lecturer at Abertay University in Scotland.

In our first installment, Dr. MacAndrew shares her view on the importance of reading lists and the challenge of getting large numbers of reading lists, from hundreds of lecturers, to a vast number of students, in an effective and efficient way. This is particularly challenging for students who are new to the academic world.

Eager to see the rest of the interview with Dr. MacAndrew? Watch here!