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Making library resource sharing
an outstanding experience
for users and staff

Rapido is a discovery-to-delivery library resource sharing platform focused on staff efficiency and user services.
  • For staff, Rapido automates and simplifies the borrowing and lending processes, helping staff manage a high volume of requests efficiently.
  • For users, Rapido provides a central location where they can find the materials they need with a frictionless experience for getting those materials quickly.
Automated and Simplified

Simplified & automated

Based on a cutting-edge cloud-based platform, Rapido provides unmediated request processing as well as staff-mediated automation for more complex requests.

Central Holding Index

Central holding index

With a new index of all Rapido library holdings and with library definitions of their lendable items, Rapido automatically finds the best lender to fulfill your requests.

Breaking the Silos

Breaking the silos

Rapido handles library resource sharing as part of the complete request life cycle, including discovery, fulfillment, and acquisition.



Rapido integrates easily with third-party systems—including other interlibrary loan (ILL) provider systems and library resource sharing technologies—via standard and open system interfaces.

Product Highlights


Streamlined workflows

Automated processing reduces mediation and frees up staff time to handle more complex requests


Advanced UI

Rapido is built on the Alma cloud platform and includes the most advanced user experience to help easily find the requests you need to work on


Reciprocal sharing

Embracing the concepts underlying RapidILL, Rapido includes pods for the sharing of print resources, taking into account courier networks and consortia


Full control

Rapido includes library settings for the materials the library can lend, lending terms, and the groups of libraries the library is willing to share with, ordered by priority


Outstanding experience

Users get an ILL service that is easy to use, fast and comprehensive, matching their experiences in the wider online world


Cost control

Libraries can decide on maximum cost and maximum delivery time per loan as well as different policies for different users (such as staff versus undergraduates)

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