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February 25, 2024

As the scope, depth and complexity of cataloging standards evolve and grow, Ex Libris integrated library system, part of Clarivate, has been working with our community to build innovative solutions that ensure content quality, at scale. To this end, Ex Libris is proud to announce the launch of an AI-based metadata generator for select Bibliographic records in the Alma Community Zone that will improve record quality, making them more discoverable and accessible for all who use the library management system.



Libraries across the world, as well as content providers and aggregators, are managing vast volumes of new and constantly changing content, at a scale that is almost humanly impossible to maintain. At the same time, metadata quality continues to be a critical piece in collection management and collection development, and therefore a necessity for all libraries to uphold. Using AI technology enables us – Ex Libris and our community members – to ensure that records contain relevant metadata such as language, summary, subject headings, and more.  



As of February 2024, our AI metadata generator is live and running against select ProQuest EBook Central records, having added the language, summary, and subject headings fields in alignment with the Library of Congress standards. Our plans are to grow both the scope of records and the number of fields generated by the innovative AI metadata generator.  


At Ex Libris, AI technology is always used to solve the real challenges of real users, librarians, and libraries. We respect the need for privacy and intellectual property considerations, and above all, we understand the importance of using trusted scholarly content to generate results and information.  

For more information read our blog on this topic, as part of our monthly AI blog series. 



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