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February 07, 2024

Ex Libris, integrated library system, has recently released its first set of Data Visualization dashboards designed to enhance the process of retention and deselection of physical books within library collections. 

Developed through a collaborative effort with a dedicated focus group, comprising both single institutions and consortia from around the world, these dashboards serve as an innovative solution to address the varied challenges faced by libraries worldwide. 



The purpose of these dashboards is to visually represent and address the critical questions that libraries grapple with when determining which books should be retained and which ones could be considered for deselection. The collaborative development process involved detailed input from the focus group, resulting in over 70 iterations and enhancements to ensure that the dashboards align with the diverse needs of a variety of institutions and perspectives.




The collaborative nature of this endeavor underscores Ex Libris’ commitment to inclusivity and adaptability, acknowledging the unique requirements of different institutions. The dashboards provide a comprehensive overview, allowing libraries to make informed decisions about their collections. The incorporation of valuable feedback has resulted in a sophisticated tool that not only streamlines the decision-making process but also enhances the overall efficiency of library operations. 


These dashboards, added as out-of-the-box objects to the Alma menu, mark the first release in a series of collection development tools, with upcoming iterations set to focus on diverse areas such as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), collection gap analysis, and more to support the constant and evolving needs of the modern academic library. 


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