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June 21, 2023

Leganto aligns perfectly with the University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley’s strategic plans, focusing on core priorities such as timely academic goal achievement and the realization of professional aspirations through integrated learning experiences. By providing faculty development, curricular evaluation, course redesign, empirically supported learning strategies, and universal design of learning, Leganto ensures high-quality and innovative instruction.


The University of Central Florida recognizes the importance of a seamless faculty and student experience and has adopted Leganto as an easy-to-use and easy-to-administer software solution. By leveraging Leganto, the University aims to maximize the use of the library and open educational resources, reducing the cost of course materials. This initiative not only benefits students financially but also promotes a more inclusive and accessible learning environment.


The Georgia Institute of Technology places a strong emphasis on meaningful learning and enhancing student success in both online, on-campus, and hybrid learning environments. By leveraging Leganto’s unmatched technological depth, the Georgia Tech library aims to streamline access to course materials while making use of various library collections, librarian expertise, and library services. This strategic move aligns with the institute’s commitment to learning affordability, a key initiative across Georgia’s higher education institutions.


The growth of the Leganto community signifies the increasing recognition of its role in supporting student success, enhancing learning experiences, and promoting learning affordability. By aligning with universities’ strategic plans and providing comprehensive solutions, Leganto is a list management system that is revolutionizing the way course resources are accessed, administered, and utilized.


To learn more about how Leganto can enhance efficiency and maximize the visibility of your library collection, while creating stronger connections across your campus, visit or contact us today.

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