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March 01, 2023


The University of Derby takes a new step towards modernizing the students’ library experience and offers students access to a world of resources at their fingertips through the Rapido resource-sharing community.



With the implementation of Rapido’s user-friendly interface, the students at the University of Derby can now send and track their resource-sharing requests from a single location, tremendously simplifying the process and removing the uncertainty around delivery times.


As a result, within just three weeks of implementing Rapido, the University of Derby has already seen remarkable service adoption.

The institution’s borrowing requests have surged by 300%, while the automation built within Rapido has enabled the university to handle this increase through the integration with the library’s ILS: “The automation built within Rapido ensures we can handle the increase in our borrowing and lending by increased efficiencies.”

As content and discovery manager, Matt has seen first-hand how Rapido has improved the student experience. His wife, a student nurse, needed a chapter from a book published in 1958 for an assignment due in just a few days. With Rapido, she was able to request “the item on Saturday lunchtime and it was sourced less than 24 hours later on Sunday.” As Matt explains, this process would have taken much longer before the university implemented Rapido. “The availability and speed of obtaining items is a big step change for us and an extremely positive step for student experience.” 


Rapido has been a real game-changer for the University’s library experience and the students’ community at large. Join the Rapido community today and empower your students with unparalleled resource access. Learn more 

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