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Ex Libris’ Top 10 Blog Posts in 2020


March 02, 2021 | 4 min read |

Roni Shandalov, Corporate and Digital Marketing Manager, Ex Libris

2020 was a rollercoaster ride for us all. Despite the ups and downs it has brought, we at Ex Libris have been working on providing our customers with useful content and resources during the pandemic. In 2020 our goal was to help our customers adapt to an online environment while sharing our own experience and tips, and diving into the higher education community’s hottest topics.

It took us a while to step carefully into 2021 while at the same time reflecting on our top 10 resources in 2020.

In this blog series, we will share our most viewed, followed and engaged resources, so you can check if there is a useful post that you might have missed or would like to revisit.

Our grand opening for this week is “The Top 10 Blog Posts of 2020”.

It’s always interesting to see the posts that our readers enjoy and share the most. We hope you will find the following ones useful:

#10: 5 Key Challenges of COVID-19 for Higher Education [REPORT]

A report summarizing the insights of more than 30 in-depth interviews with the Higher Education community about how they are meeting the coronavirus pandemic’s challenges.

#9: Alma Around the World 2020 — Views from the Community

This post was published at the beginning of 2020, before Covid-19 had spread; how amazing it is to reflect on the great photos and submissions sent to the ‘Alma Libraries Around the World’ contest? Take a look at some of the highlights!

#8: Announcing Ex Libris Cloud Apps

The Cloud Apps open framework allows developers to write apps that run inside Ex Libris higher education solutions and can be installed with a click – Find out more in this blog post!

#7: Research News Roundup: How universities are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic

Research Professional News highlights universities’ & funders’ steps in the fight against the coronavirus & the COVID-19 respiratory disease it causes.

#6: 3 Challenges and 3 Opportunities for Researchers during COVID-19

While the coronavirus has brought many challenges to academic research, it has also created many research opportunities. Read more in this blog post.

#5: COVID-19: New initiatives to support the Ex Libris community

Read about our series of initiatives taken during the pandemic to help institutions of higher education affected by COVID-19 maintain their relationships and connections.

#4: A Big Thank You to the RapidILL Community [VIDEO]

Watch a special thank you video to the RapidILL community of libraries from the lenders who benefited from the COVID-19 pod!

#3: Is your library prepared for remote learning?

How can libraries support remote online learning at scale? This blog post looks at six essential aspects of delivering course resources online.

#2: From the Ex Libris Family to the Ex Libris Community

Watch a short video from us at Ex Libris that shows that no matter where we are, we are here for you.

#1: The New Challenges Facing Academic Researchers

This post was published in 2019; however, it was updated during 2020 and now contains an Ex Libris 2020 research survey of 300+ researchers and 100+ research office leaders. In this survey you can find out more about participants’ challenges during COVID-19.

Before we say ‘au revoir’: Some interesting facts regarding our blogs and posts in 2020:

  1. Our top tag in these blog posts, except for Covid-19, was the ‘community’ tag, so thank you for proving that we were all in this together!
  2. Our blog posts have had 180% more views compared to 2019.
  3. Our blog posts subscribers list has grown by 66%.
  4. Our readers spent 25% more time reading our posts compared to 2019.

We are looking forward to seeing which posts and tags are going to take the lead in 2021!