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August 16, 2023

Resource-sharing librarians know the pain way too well: they receive a borrowing request from a student who needs a special article that they’ve never heard of before. And no matter how many hours they spend looking for a lending library, no one is able to provide it.

But what if they could, at the click of a button, acquire that special title, right from the library management system?

This is exactly what Article Galaxy’s add-on in Rapido is built for. Article Galaxy, by Research Solutions, has collaborated with Ex Libris, part of Clarivate, to bring over 40,000 journal titles to your library system. Rapido users get access to articles from all major publishers at special copyright royalty rates and low delivery fees.

Here’s what Christopher Lee, Resource Sharing Manager at California State University, shares after having implemented it at his Library:


“The Article Galaxy add-on finally lets our library staff see copyright prices at the time of ordering and often gets the article to the patron within minutes. Setup is easy and straightforward.”


Tony Landolt, Head of Academic Business Development at Research Solutions, adds:


“We are thrilled to partner with Rapido, a renowned leader in cutting-edge technology and commitment. This collaboration combines our expertise, enabling us to deliver efficient article fulfillment solutions and provide unparalleled support to our clients’ research initiatives. We eagerly anticipate the substantial benefits this partnership will bring.”


Struggling to find lending libraries for special article requests? The Article Galaxy add-on in Rapido has got you covered. Install the Article Galaxy add-on in your Rapido instance today.


About Rapido


Rapido is a resource-sharing solution fully integrated with the library system and discovery layer. With Rapido, libraries give students access to any resources in a few clicks only, while staff manage a higher volume of requests, with less effort. Contact us at to make Rapido work for your library.


About Research Solutions


Research Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: RSSS) provides cloud-based technologies to streamline the process of obtaining, managing, and creating intellectual property. Founded in 2006 as Reprints Desk, the company was a pioneer in developing solutions to serve researchers. Today, more than 70 percent of the top pharmaceutical companies, prestigious universities, and emerging businesses rely on Article Galaxy, the company’s SaaS research platform, to streamline access to the latest scientific research and data with 24/7 customer support. Research Solutions has also acquired ResoluteAI, an advanced search platform aimed at equipping organizations with search, discovery, analysis, and knowledge management tools powered by AI and NLP technologies. For more information and details, please visit




About Ex Libris’ Cloud Apps

Cloud apps are integrations into the Ex Libris solutions that leverage community collaboration and offer institutions a way to customize their Ex Libris products. Rapido members can take advantage of the Cloud Apps by installing them on their instance of Rapido.

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