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Rosetta Team in the JHOVE Online Hack Day!


April 27, 2017 | 1 min read |

Adi Alter, Rosetta Product Manager, Ex Libris

Many of you involved in digital preservation are familiar with JHOVE, the widely-used open source digital preservation tool used for digital files format identification, validation and characterization. Rosetta, the Ex Libris digital asset management and preservation solution, uses various tools and plug-ins to identify formats and extract technical metadata from them as part of its validation stack , and JHOVE plays a major role in this process. Metadata coming from JHOVE is stored as part of the object and is used as part of the preservation planning in conjunction with the Rosetta’s extensive Format Library knowledge base.

The Open Preservation Foundation holds JHOVE Online Hack Days to improve JHOVE and to enhance digital preservation community knowledge about JHOVE… and today is JHOVE Online Hack Day Spring 2017!

Our Rosetta development team is excited to take part in the JHOVE Online Hack Day today — we are working hard on improving error messaging in JHOVE, particularly for the WARC, GZIP and GIF modules. Check out our action-packed images!

Figuring it out…
Ah ha!

You can learn more about JHOVE here, and learn more about Rosetta here.