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The LIBISnet Library Network of 30 independent member institutions in Belgium is live with Ex Libris Alma


September 04, 2014 | 2 min read |

The next-generation service has strengthened collaborative networks and transformed operations at the first European consortium to go live with Alma.

As an Alma Development Partner, the LIBIS network has worked closely with Ex Libris for the past five years to refine the vision and priorities for Alma, which has now been selected by over 360 institutions worldwide.

I spoke with Jo Rademakers, head of LIBIS Library Computer Services at KU Leuven, about the implementation process and their experiences. Jo remarked, “as we represent a large and diverse network of libraries in Belgium, we had some exacting and untypical demands during the implementation period. Each of these was addressed smoothly by the Ex Libris team, in cooperation with our experts. Supporting our diverse requirements, Alma is live across the entire network and we are looking forward to enjoying the benefits of simplified workflows and collaborating effortlessly between member organizations. It has been extremely valuable to work with Ex Libris as Development Partners for Alma and we are pleased to be delivering the system’s positive outcomes to our staff members, network partners, and users. We hope to continue our collaboration with Ex Libris to explore new functionalities.”

Leveraging a full suite of Ex Libris next-generation services, the LIBIS network has also offered the Primo discovery and delivery solution since 2008, and KU Leuven has run the Rosetta digital management and preservation solution since 2011.

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