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The New Rosetta 5.1: Looking Good!


November 10, 2016 | 3 min read |
Adi Alter, Rosetta Product Manager, Ex Libris
It’s always exciting to share a new release with our customers, especially a major release like this one, which focuses on operational efficiency and ease of use. With more than 50 enhancements, we are proud to share some of the highlights of Rosetta’s latest release: version 5.1.

Improved User Interface

Designed to simplify your workflow, the new user interface introduces a new design of multiple widgets throughout the system – tables, forms, menus, breadcrumbs, wizards, and more. This version includes a graphical metadata editor that facilitates the management of different metadata standards.
The new Rosetta version is designed to streamline the processes involved in digital preservation and asset management. For example, while evaluating a preservation plan, users can now employ a file-comparison tool to check the quality of the files that will be created as part of the migration process. Users can arrange collections and sub-collections into meaningful display categories and thus simplify navigation in display interfaces such as the Ex Libris Primo Collection Discovery lobby.

Rosetta 5.1 also includes a new HTML5 viewer and enhanced support for mobile devices. Data assets in multiple formats, such as images, audio, and video content, are now always available and accessible. 
Check out this short clip about the new user interface in Rosetta 5.1:

Some of the other improvements in Rosetta 5.1 include:

Data Management Improvements

·         A Graphic XML Editor which enables users to easily and more effectively edit metadata, configuration files and structmaps. The new editor provides graphic tools such as indentation, tag autocomplete, drag & drop and color-coding.
·         Collection Ordering – Now, your patrons can view Rosetta collections in the order you choose. This makes the collections more attractive and logically easy to explore.
·         Collection History – Made a change in your collection? Rosetta now captures the change and enables data managers to audit the collection over time.

Preservation Improvements

·         File Comparison: The new Rosetta enables you to compare a file before and after migration. For example, if you converted an audio file to a different format, you will now be able to compare the sound quality between the files pre- and post-migration.
·         Streamline the Preservation Process: Now users will not have to create a new plan for each file format but can rather create one plan that include files from the same classifications sharing the same risk. A huge time-saving feature!


·         Mobile Support: Audio / Video and Documents viewers are now mobile friendly. In addition, in this new release you will find a brand new mobile-friendly HTML5 viewer which supports any browser-supported files.
·         Ingest Prioritization: With the latest release you can prioritize the ingest of materials according to your business needs ensuring immediate ingest of prioritized content.
·         Better Handling of Derivative Copies: You can now easily add access copies to Intellectual Entities and publish them to discovery systems, further simplifying the process of creating accessible user content.

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