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Tightly integrated library management and resource discovery are key to Natural History Museum’s strategic goal


April 10, 2014 | 2 min read |

Future-proof technology and tight integration with user services lead Natural History Museum in London to choose Alma and Primo. These solutions will support the museum’s strategic goal of providing a pioneering digital library of the future. 

The Natural History Museum houses a public library which is used by their own scientists, visiting researchers and interested members of the public. Given the large number of digital resources that they hold, a number which is constantly growing due to their digitization project, the Library required resource management services that manage all resource types. In addition the museum was keen that users should be able to access all resources through a single search interface.

Alma library management system and Primo library discovery service emerged from the museum’s detailed research as the solutions best fulfilling each of these criteria.

I spoke with Christoph Frech, Regional Sales Director, who stressed that as the only truly next-generation resource management solution, Alma will enable the Natural History Museum to achieve its aim of managing all resource types within one system, thereby greatly streamlining their processes. “The savings which will be made as a result of this increased efficiency, as well as the use of Alma analytics for decision making, will free up resources to focus more on users and innovative projects within the Library. Primo’s modern and efficient user interface and personalized ranking will ensure that each of the different groups using the Library is given access to the resources they require. We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with this important institution and are looking forward to seeing Alma and Primo bring benefits the Library and its users.”

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