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From the Developer’s Toolbox: Highlights from the Ex Libris Developer Network


February 19, 2016 | 2 min read |
We are happy to welcome you to our new blog series, From the Developer’s Toolbox. It will be a place where we’ll be able to peek over the shoulders of some very creative people. Some of them will be Ex Libris customers and others will be from our own R&D team, but all of them have innovative ideas about how to best leverage Ex Libris solutions.
For our first installment, we look at some ideas for integrating Alma with your library services and monitoring how it’s working afterwards.
Our own Josh Weisman explains how you can use standard Java tools to create proxy classes in developing library services using Alma APIs. This will provide more options and flexibility for your in-house library IT development teams. Read more here >> 
Alma enables library staff to manage digital resources, workflows and objects. But first, the digital content needs to be migrated to Alma. This post lays out the essential stages of the process. Read more here >>
In a related post on our Developer Network’s Tech Blog, Ex Libris’ Opher Kutner explains how to use the Alma Digital Migration Tool for importing digital content from an external repository. Read more here >>
The Alma January release includes a new infrastructure for managing digital assets. A key feature of this release is the ability to monitor cloud storage usage in Amazon Web Services (AWS), which serves as the backend for digital resources stored by Alma. This makes reporting and analysis much easier. Read more here >>