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Ex Libris Global Professional Services teams are experts in product and project implementations. We enable our customers to get the maximum value out of Ex Libris products and reach their business goals, accompanied by our expert advice, training, and support.

Project Management

The Ex Libris project management methodology, honed by years of experience implementing software products, allows us to execute and successfully deliver projects on a global scale. The Ex Libris project manager, in collaboration with the customer, verifies the project’s scope, tracks milestones and deliverables, identifies and mitigates risks, and leads the project to its successful completion. Our global reach enables Ex Libris to assign regional project managers who bring with them the necessary product expertise, implementation experience, and language skills to collaborate successfully with customers around the world.

Technical Consulting Services

Each product implementation is accompanied by a suite of services that enable customers to accelerate solution adoption. Depending on the product, our highly experienced team will work closely with the customer to deliver services such as data and set-up analysis, product configuration, business workflow consulting, third-party integration and authentication services, and product training and workshops.


Integration Services for Mobile Campus Apps

A key element in effectively rolling out a campus-wide mobile application and web portal solution is ensuring the relevant information needed by students, staff, and other university stakeholders is accessed and presented seamlessly. The Ex Libris team, which includes integration developers with vast experience integrating with a broad range of systems and services, will work closely with the university’s technical staff in order to set up, build, configure, and deliver the required integration interfaces with the campus’ key local systems and content.

Alma Data Migration Services

Data migration services provided by Ex Libris play an essential role in the rapid adoption of Alma worldwide. Our Global Data Migration team provides data migration services from an ever-growing suite of customer source products to the Alma library services platform, advises on detected data issues, designs conversion specifications for new source products, and develops migration software and documentation. Continual improvements in migration tools and operational processes enable our team to consistently deliver high quality data to our customers.

Knowledge Delivery

Ex Libris Global Knowledge Delivery encompasses product education, customer certification programs and technical documentation. Our product education and documentation content is openly accessible, easily searchable, and provides the foundation for a “blended learning” approach for our project implementations. Access to our product portfolio content is available in several languages, driving higher customer engagement and successful solution adoption and usage for a growing global customer base.­­­­­

Premium Services

To support the evolving needs of libraries, and in addition to the vast set of free resources and services available to all our libraries, we offer Premium Services for libraries that are in production with Ex Libris solutions.

These services will help you to improve efficiency, deploy new features or services, and learn more about functionality.

  • Optimize: Need to review and improve your current use of the system? Ex Libris consultants will combine their deep product knowledge with an analysis of your library needs to highlight opportunities to improve efficiency or deploy new services.
  • Extend: Need to roll out a new feature or integration? Ex Libris consultants will use their product knowledge to define configuration and advise on best practices. With their support, you can ensure a smooth rollout as you move beyond core functionality.
  • Educate: Need to learn more about a feature or functionality? Ex Libris consultants will use their deep knowledge of Ex Libris product functionality to help your library deepen your product knowledge and help you to gain more confidence in day-to-day operations of the system by delivering training based on your specific needs

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